How Does Social Security Work: Everything You Need to Know

Would it be possible for you to survive on $1,471 a month? According to the most recent data from SSA or Social Security Administration, this is the average amount a social security benefactor gets each month.  Like most people, you are worried about your retirement. This is something you’d like to start preparing for as […]

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running out of money

What to Do if You Are Running Out of Money in Retirement

Everyone looks forward to the day that they can retire: that point in your life where you can look back at your work history, give it a kind nod, and smile as you walk off into the sunset. However, some people find out that retirement consists of a lot more penny pinching and budget watching […]

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retirement savings

Protect Your Retirement Savings With These Simple Strategies

You may be approaching retirement, in retirement already, or just planning. Either way, thinking about your retirement savings is never a bad idea.  Protecting savings to ensure they last through your whole retirement is essential. After all, it’s something that you’ve worked hard for. Enjoying it without having to worry about money is possible. But, […]

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how much should i save?

Planning for Retirement: How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

Over one in five Americans doesn’t have any retirement savings. Even the savers aren’t putting enough money to one side. Nearly half of people saving for retirement put away less than the minimum recommended amount per year. This could be a ticking time bomb as many Americans are entering retirement without anything savings at all. Yet, many people […]

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best time to retire

Wondering When is the Best Time to Retire? Here’s How to Know When It’s Right for You!

If you’ve spent a large portion of your life in the workforce, you’re probably at a stage where you’re thinking about taking a break. In other words, you’re looking forward to retirement.  This progression of life is only natural- no one wants to work until they simply can’t anymore. The aim is to enjoy retirement to its […]

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How Do I Find the Best Financial Planner Near Me?

Many of life’s major milestones require a decent financial investment. For example, getting married, having a baby, buying a house, getting surgery, or retiring. These are all once-in-a-lifetime decisions, so it’s vital you make the right decision. If you’ve been saving in preparation for these milestones, you might feel like you need some guidance on how […]

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early retirement

Early Retirement: Some of The Top Tips and Tricks for Achieving Your Goal

The most common age at which people retire in the United States is 62. It’s also when many people start experiencing more health problems which can make it difficult to enjoy retirement. For that reason, people have begun to look for ways to retire earlier than that. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy your life […]

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Roth IRA Benefits

Roth IRA: The Top Benefits You Should Know About

With a 51.6% increase in account balances growth from 2011-2013, it’s clear that people are going crazy over Roth IRAs.  And for good reason. Experts agree that Roth IRA, and Roth IRA benefits, are one of the most solid investment strategies. Why? Roth IRAs are only slightly different from their traditional counterpart, the IRA. The […]

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need a financial advisor

7 Reasons Why You May Need a Financial Advisor

Do you have trouble keeping your investment plan on track? Are you finding it difficult to manage your finances? If any of these questions describe you, then you need a financial advisor. This professional will help you with a number of tasks including tax strategies, organizing your finances, creating savings and investment decisions, and insurance […]

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5 Ways to Help Employees Who Are Retiring from Work

As your employees edge closer and closer to retirement, you as the employer have to come to terms with two not so pleasing facts. One, you are about to lose some of your favorite and most productive employees whom you’ve grown fond off over the years, and two, you might be unable to find someone […]

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